Hult International Business School


Hult International Business School is one of the top business school in the world.  It provides the opportunity to quality education with some of the best faculty globally. Hult International Business School in London is in the centre of the city, allowing students to experience London. 


The global one year MBA program provides a comprehensive learning experience. The program has some of the best faculty that uses various tools and method to educate about real-world problems and solutions. The class of 2018 was diverse with people from 34 different nationalities and work experience. The program provided networking with companies and projects with clients in Europe. 

Projects at Hult

Business Development

by creating shared value

Zero Hunger is one of the 17 sustainable development goals by the United Nations. We create a comprehensive strategy to end hunger in Peru with a plan to implement it in other nations.



UNDP develop 17 sustainability development goals. Companies based on their business work on these goals. Companies focus on creating shared value. Shared value is about creating shared value for the stakeholders. These stakeholders can be anyone. This concept involves creating value for society as well as for the company. Companies like Unilever, Nestle tackle the challenges in society by creating innovative solutions.


We worked on a project for Nestle where our goal was to end hunger (SDG 2). Nestle is a global conglomerate with more than 13 billion CHF in revenue. Michael Porter describes the advantage a company can have when they work on the shared value initiative. So, we created a strategy for Nestle to end hunger in the world and at the same time generate revenue for the company.


We analysed the global hunger index that enlists countries that are facing the problem of hunger. We developed a matrix including various parameters allowing us to screen regions where Nestle can start working on the hunger problem. Based on our analysis, we found that Peru would be a good test market for Nestle. We used system thinking to get a better picture of the problems and its interconnection. To deep dive into the local issue, we consulted a local of Peru who helped us understand the regulations and policies in that country.   


To solve the issue of hunger, we came up with a program called "Happiness". This program calls for the strategy to integrate solutions for different problems causing high hunger index in Peru. The program includes creating products that target consumers can buy, distribution channels to sell products to people, creating awareness about nutrition. This program can be modelled to fit the needs of other countries. We also developed an expansion plan using thing program for other countries. 

Operations Improvement

by reducing cycle time


London city airport is one of the busiest airports in London with 4.5 million passengers daily. The most frustrating part of the journey starts from checking in to boarding the plane. We create solutions to reduce this time to a minimum thus decreasing the cycle time and balancing loss.

London city airport (LCA) is one of the major airports in London. We visited the LCA and the operations manager at LCA.  The airport has many operations that require large teams. Our focus to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the time spent by a passenger from the process of checking-in to boarding. 


My team identified several factors that impact the journey. Our goal was to reduce the cycle of the processes and improve efficiency. We created a process map that helped us identify the cycle time of each process that will ultimately reduce the time spent by a passenger.


We also worked on the expansion strategy of the airport. As of today, the airport handles 4.5 a million passengers a year.  We create a operations plan that ensures that the airport can handle 8 million passengers a year with minimum operations cost. This plan also took care of the fluctuation of seasonal and daily demands while maintaining the same cycle time.


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